Web Services

The term or idea of "Web Services" has become fairly synonymous with APIs. Often companies will allow use of their product or service through their API or as set of Web Services. This method is a convenient way to share features and functionality with 3rd parties, or even with a system or company. The internal use is often helpful when there are multiple applications or systems which may need to share features, functions, and/or data. By using a Web Service the access can be easily controlled, secured, and shared without worry for duplication of features, uncontrolled or monitored use, etc... IKRC has both built and used APIs and Web Services of varying kinds and styles to both allow 3rd parties to make use of system features as well as take advantage of the wide variety of functionality that others have created.

  • SOAP
  • REST
  • API
  • Data Sharing
  • Controlled Access
  • Security
  • 3rd Party Access
  • 3rd Party Integration