Data Import

Data that is available is only as useful as it is made into "Information". Whether the need is to incorporate external data from 3rd parties or other internal systems, or to create a separate system, the first step is importing the data into a usable structure. Data can be sourced in a multitude of ways, from data feeds, website scraping, direct database access, and many others, each with their own unique needs and requirements. But not only is the obtaining of this data critical, but very often the data needs to be cleaned, scrubbed, and have business rules applied in order to get it into a usable form is equally as important. The cleaning of the data can be handled manually, automatically, or both, where automated cleaning is done and where specific situations are identified they are put into a queue for manual review.

  • Importing Data
  • Internal Systems
  • External (3rd party) Systems
  • Data Cleaning
  • De-Duplification
  • Manual Review Console