An extranet is a term used to describe what is generally an externally facing website used by a multitude of users. Users are generally one of a few groups, such as employees, management, sales force (internal and external), suppliers, customers, marketing / advertising agencies, and service providers, but can be extended to almost anyone. An extranet is a unique opportunity where you can serve the needs of a great number of users that often require access to the same information. Information such as sales material, technical documents, logos, articles, and current events can easily be created and then shared and managed across all the varied users without requiring duplication of content. Furthermore depending on the business interaction between the various user groups can be allowed for and even help to maintain and generate the content / information. Keeping the extranet consistently up to date and with fresh content.

  • Extranet
  • Internally Accessible
  • Externally Accessible
  • Employees
  • Management
  • Sales Force (Internal & External)
  • Suppliers
  • Customers
  • Partner
  • Marketing / Advertising Agencies
  • Service Providers
  • Sales Material
  • Technical Documents
  • Logos, Articles
  • Current Events