API Development

Allowing re-use of information and services both internally and externally is not only convenient but critical these days. For control of data use, making sure business rules are met, and any legal requirements are adhered to an API is often the perfect solution. Many companies have multiple systems running all accessing or interfacing with data imports and exports. However the coordination of data / actions between each of these systems is not easy and even worse often a change in rules can end up being applied to one system but not the others. This type of lop sided update can result in simple errors across the various systems are even worse lead to un-caught errors, ruined data, etc.. APIs are a standard in programming these days but many systems need to have a central API for the management of information between the various other systems or APIs.

  • API Creation
  • API Use
  • API Integration
  • Business Rules Enforcement
  • Legal / Compliance Rules Enforcement
  • Internal & External Use
  • Secure