Video Generation Processing

Video was once a rarity on the web, but has now become common and even expected. But creation, management, and use of videos can be a difficult endeavor. Branding, organizing, scaling, large files, are just the tip of the issues one faces when trying to handle video on a greater than one off level. At IKRC we develop systems to automate the process and streamline the work invovled in all of this. With custom tools, processes, and procedures along with integrations in various video platforms, what was once a daunting task can become a very pleasant and beneficial activity. Not only is video a pleasant way to present information to users, but it's also been shown to have a tremendous impact on search rankings, and opens up new sources of exposure through youtube and other such video platforms.

  • Automated Video Processing
  • Branding Automation
  • Media Management
  • VSEO
  • Custom Workflows
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Multi Platform Support