Accounting encompases much more than just basic AR, AP, and Cash these days. Cash flow, collections, payments, ROI, inventory management, cost analysis, etc... are just a few of the items that fall under the umbrella of accounting. While often business focus on Sales and ignore how the results will be accounted for and even evaluated for true profitability, very quickly these needs are recognized. These needs are often met via integration with a multitude of data sources and systems in order to properly account for all the costs that must be taken into consideration and reported on. Sometimes the ability to pull data isn't enough and data needs to be pushed so that a notification is sent and action can be taken more quickly, or something in the middle such as a dashboard that can be checked or watched and can easily display necessary info along with alerts for anything important.

  • Data Integration
  • 3rd Party Program Reporting
  • Push Reports
  • Notifications
  • Dashboards
  • Custom Reports
  • Business Analysis